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What are the classification of beer barrels

Beer fresh-keeping barrels are specially designed beer barrels for the storage and transportation of fresh beer. In order to ensure the quality of fresh beer and the interests of consumers, the beer barrels circulating in the market must be regularly sterilized and cleaned, with a cycle of 15 days. , Daily disinfection with hydrogen peroxide, should be thoroughly cleaned every two weeks. The beer barrels that have not been cleaned for a long time should be soaked in water first, and then sterilized and rinsed.
Therefore, there are three requirements for beer preservation:
First, maintain the initial temperature of the beer filling;
Second, keep the carbon dioxide contained in the beer from overflowing and isolate oxygen;
Third, keep the beer barrels clean and hygienic. Therefore, a high-quality beer keg must have the three properties of heat preservation, pressure preservation and oxygen absorption, and cleaning.
Beer barrels can be divided into: all-plastic beer barrels, all-steel beer barrels, and inner-steel-external-plastic beer barrels in the order of use in the market and according to the material of OEM Nickel Plated Die Cast Appliance Leg the internal and external structures.
Since wine production requires long-term fermentation, the fermentation tank needs to have the ability to work for a long time, and it must have enough pressure resistance to withstand the strong pressure generated during the fermentation process. The beer barrel just meets the requirements, and the beer barrel also has good The excellent sealing performance can seal the gas inside and prevent the overflow of fermented alcohol. It is an indispensable equipment in the wine industry.
In addition, beer keg is also an important equipment for storing wine. Beer keg has low investment and quick start compared to other packaging forms of beer because of its pressure-keeping and heat preservation performance, convenient filling and transportation, and can be used in various places. , quick effect and other advantages, but also because of the refreshing taste and rich nutritional value of fresh beer, the market position and development space of beer barrels have been achieved.
Beer barrels are currently the most widely used beer storage tools in the market. Because beer barrels have strong corrosion resistance, high hardness and strong resistance to several major advantages, they are widely used in all walks of life, especially The transportation and storage industry is more prominent. Fresh beer fermentation is an important application of beer keg.

In the hot summer, how can there be less beer, beer can not only play a role in quenching thirst, but also not easy to be intoxicated. Nowadays, the beer industry is developing rapidly, but how much do you know about its equipment? Beer keg washing machine is a kind of beer keg equipment. Do you know what precautions should be taken when using beer keg washing machine equipment?
1. The clamps at the connections of the equipment pipelines should be checked regularly, and those that are loose should be tightened in time to prevent them from falling off during operation.
2. Before using the filter tube, check whether the wall of the tube is in good condition, so as to avoid the crack caused by the external force and cause the liquid to splash.
3. After the equipment is installed, each equipment needs to lead the ground wire to ensure that the grounding is intact.
4. Check whether the valve of the pipeline is in the correct opening and closing state before every time the pump is turned on, so as to avoid the pipeline blockage and the system pressure being too high and the hose being smashed.
5. When the fermenter is squatting, it is not allowed to get up quickly, and it is necessary to avoid touching the head of the wine at all times.
6. The heating tube terminal should be checked frequently to prevent the danger of electric shock caused by water leakage.
7. When wiring the heating tube terminal, it needs to be connected with a wire nose to ensure that the connection is firm.
8. When the hose is connected to the connector, the clamp must be stuck in the groove of the connector. Make sure the connection is tight.
9. The moment the grinder is started, the person should be at a certain distance from the equipment.
10. Regularly check whether the screw of the heating tube terminal is loose. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time to avoid danger caused by poor contact and ignition.
11. Before cleaning the turnover barrel, the pressure in the barrel must be emptied and then unloaded, so as to avoid excessive pressure in the barrel and cause the bouncing of the barrel to endanger personal safety.
12. During operation, check whether the heating pipe connection wire is overheated. If it is overheated, power off and replace the wire set in time.
13. In the event of a sudden power failure, all pipeline valves and electric switches should be closed to prevent accidental injury caused by sudden power supply.
14. When boiling, the operator should always observe the boiling state in the pot to prevent the wort from overflowing.
15. When the valve is opened, the outlet should not face people, so as to prevent mash or hot alkali from splashing on people.

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