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How to remove the refrigerator door handle

If the door handle is lost and the lock cylinder is no problem, you can clean the broken part of the door handle, and then use AB glue to stick the door handle back again. Do not apply it to the lock cylinder. You need to hold the door handle and wait for the AB glue to solidify. , and then apply an appropriate amount of glue to play a stable role.
If the door handle is glued with AB, it will still break after a period of use. You can unscrew the three screws on the side of the door and the two screws on the inner side. Hold the outer door handle with your hand and remove the door lock cover. Come down, install the new handle, and re-tighten the screws.
In fact, you can also prepare a new door lock, remove all the old door locks, and then follow the door lock according to the instructions of the new door lock. Door locks will be installed, or you can ask a professional to help handle the door handle.
There are 8 steps to disassemble the side-by-side refrigerator:
1. Remove the front cover of Wholesale Kitchen Table Equipment Leg the feet
First, open the freezer and refrigerator doors, then, turn the three screws on the front cover of the feet counterclockwise to remove the front cover.
Step 2. Detach the water supply hose to the refrigerator
Unscrew the clamp screw (a)
Step 3. Detach it by pressing on the fitting and pulling out the water tube.
Step 4. Remove the upper hinged covers (left and right)
Step 5. Remove the upper hinge cover and disconnect the wires
Step 6. Rotate the hinge screw and ground screw to remove it and remove the upper hinge in the direction of the arrow. Be careful that the freezer door does not slip off during removal
Step 7. Carefully lift the door to remove it from the lower hinge
Step 8. Lift the lower hinge from the lower hinge bracket in the direction of the arrow and remove the lower hinge
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